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Affordable housing represents an exciting and very real opportunity for forward-thinking American investors. With over 20% of Americans trying to live on $20,000 or less, the demand for Mobile homes has never been higher. As the gap continues to widen between the rich and the poor, the number of people looking for affordable housing is likely to skyrocket in the coming years.

A fantastic opportunity to change your life by getting in on the ground floor.

We enjoy giving people new Skills - helping them to identify key opportunities and capitalize on growing market trends. Our video course will help you to master all aspects of mobile home investing, from negotiations and renovations through to rents and sales. While a lot of this business is based on common sense, understanding the psychological and technical aspects of the Mobile Home market will give you the edge you need to succeed.

Being aware of a growing trend is one thing, having the ability to act is another thing entirely.

From getting in the heads of customers through to understanding the business models and legal aspects of the industry, our experts have created the most accessible and comprehensive course on mobile home investing ever made. With 16 video modules jam-packed with practical know-how and actionable advice, this course has everything you need to master one of the most exciting property markets in the United States.

  • Module 1 - History Of The Industry
  • Module 2 - Understanding The Affordable Housing Customer
  • Module 3 - Understanding The Laws
  • Module 4 - Understanding The Different Business Models
  • Module 5 - Understanding The Risks
  • Module 6 - How To Find Homes To Buy
  • Module 7 - How To Negotiate Price
  • Module 8 - How To Determine Condition
  • Module 9 - Deal Killers
  • Module 10 - How To Interact With The Park Owner
  • Module 11a - How To Renovate And Repair A Home
  • Module 11b - 34 Step-By-Step Videos Demonstrating Most Common Repairs!
  • Module 12 - How To Advertise
  • Module 13 - How To Sell Or Rent A Home
  • Module 14 - How To Collect The Rent
  • Module 15 - How To Handle Repairs And Maintenance
  • Module 16 - How To Transfer The Title

Our experts will help you to master the entire investment process from start to finish. Knowing the steps is not enough. We also help you to identify the important details and teach you how to avoid the risks associated with mobile home investing.

Attention to detail is critical in any property market, with all aspects of the industry dealt with in a clear and straightforward manner. Along with giving you the practical ammunition you need to succeed, we also help to inspire and motivate you towards long-term success. As more and more Americans try to get by on less, you can buck the trend and take advantage of a real estate niche that grows stronger as the economy grows weaker.

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My name is Frank Rolfe and I’ve been a commercial real estate investor for nearly 30 years. My personal real estate portfolio is nearly $1 Billion of self-storage facilities, mobile home parks ( 5th largest owner in the U.S.), billboards (largest private owner in Dallas/Ft Worth), apartments, shopping centers and RV parks, throughout the U.S.

Frank Rolfe

Real Estate Investor

One of the smartest men I know, Dave Reynolds, who has been an active real estate investor for over 24 years. Together, he and I are the 5th largest owner of Mobile Home Parks & RV Parks in the country, and Dave is well known for his ownership of some of the highest-traffic real estate websites in the US - which total over 60k pageviews per day

Dave Reynolds

Real Estate Investor