Buying A Mobile Home Park Is Like Flying An Airplane

Everyone knows that commercial air travel is the safest in the world. But that's because of the high level of training of the pilots. From the pre-flight checklist, to the flight plan, to dealing with problems in the air, the pilot knows everything about what they're doing. The pilot who successfully landed in the Hudson River recently, did so because he knew every possible strategy of what to do in an emergency - he knew the options and could make an intelligent decision.

To succeed in the mobile home park business, you need the same amount of knowledge as those pilots. We offer educational products designed to give you as complete a picture on the mobile home park business as you will need to succeed - everything from how to differentiate a good deal from a bad one, how to find a park to buy, to how to do successful due diligence on it and operate it successfully. We cover every aspect from day one to selling the park you have purchased down the road.

There was a guy in Dallas who saved for years to buy a private plane. But he didn't want to invest the time or money in learning how to fly it. So he bought it and decided to try and fly it (this is a true story). He brought the whole family out to watch his initial voyage. He got about ten feet off the ground and then crashed and blew up. In the same way, we get calls at the site frequently from people who have bought mobile home parks without any prior training, and are already in trouble with them. When we review the deal with them, we are horrified that they have bought deals that make no economic sense, and there is no possible solution. This is as troubling for us as it is for the site visitor. has produced these materials to offer you a complete mastery of investing in mobile home parks. These are not promotional materials filled with stories of how much money you will make. These are real-life manuals on the technical aspects of the industry, written by two guys who have bought, operated and sold over $100,000,000 in mobile home parks. If you are going to get into the business, you need to know what you are doing, for the sake of you and your family. This is how to do it:

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We also offer a layaway plan in which you can pay over a series of months. We have tried to make everything we do more than affordable. Some people say we price our things too cheap, based on the sheer quantity of material.

What's important is that you know what you are doing before you even think about buying that first park. Remember the old quote:

"Think like a man of action. Act like a man of thought". To succeed in the mobile home park business is more than just action. And all of the information you need is right at your fingertips, at

Dave Reynolds
Dave Reynolds is a household name in the mobile home park business for many reasons. First is the fact that he, along with his partner Frank Rolfe, is the 5th largest owner of mobile home parks in the U.S. with over 20,000 lots spread out over 25 states. But he is equally well known for his ownership of - which was the first mobile home park listing service in the U.S. - and features between 750 and 1,000 mobile home parks for sale at any given time.