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Welcome to the Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast where you will learn how to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, finance, turn-around and operate mobile home parks! Your host is Frank Rolfe, the 5th largest mobile home park owner in the United State with his partner Dave Reynolds.

Episode 257: The Dangers of Indecisiveness
Episode 256: The Economic Evolution of Housing And Why It’s Ok
Episode 255: Short-Term Owners Create Long-Term Suspicions
Episode 254: The Impact of Home Age
Episode 253: The Necessity of Structure For Your Residents
Episode 252: Understanding the Science of Cash-Out Refinancing
Episode 251: The Benefits of A Positive Attitude In A Depressing World
Episode 250: Retention And Redemption
Episode 249: The Top Ten Ways To Gain Accountability From Your Manager
Episode 248: Winners And Losers In Biden’s Mobile Home Attack Plan
Episode 247: Why The Opportunity Is Much Larger Than Meets The Eye
Episode 246: The Four C’s of Performance
Episode 245: Effective Security Measures
Episode 244: The Only World That Matters Is Your World
Episode 243: The Waffle House Vs. Mom’s Home Cooking
Episode 242: Parks Are Overpriced, Right?
Episode 241: Things Haven’t Changed Much In 67 Years
Episode 240: Pick Up The Phone
Episode 239: Let's Go Woke For a Second
Episode 238: Spring Clean-Up Events
Episode 237: The Return of The Gypsy Traveler and Rent Guarantee Scams
Episode 236: Ability, Liability And Reliability
Episode 235: Lessons Learned From Covid
Episode 234: Motivating Managers
Episode 233: The Evolving Role of Community Managers
Episode 232: Dumb And Dumber
Episode 231: To Lead Or To Follow?
Episode 230: Clarification Needed
Episode 229: What’s Propping Up The Window of Opportunity
Episode 228: Is There Room For DGX?
Episode 227: Are Residents Ruled By Love Or Fear?
Episode 226: The Stages on the Rocket of Park Turnarounds
Episode 225: Successfully Using RVs To Fill Vacant Mobile Home Lots
Episode 224: The Park Owner’s Winter Survival Guide
Episode 223: Hot Markets In The Hard Infrastructure Bill
Episode 222: No Shots No Glory
Episode 221: Don’t Hide From Unhappy Customers
Episode 220: Guarding Against Paralysis By Analysis
Episode 219: Why My Predictions Come True So Often
Episode 218: Tricks To Harness Time
Episode 217: Kung Fu Negotiation Moves
Episode 216: Can Park Owners Live Off The Land?
Episode 215: In Times Of Uncertainty Focus On What You Can Control
Episode 214: Correcting The Record
Episode 213: Values And Gravity
Episode 212: America Will Soon Learn The Concept Of Fightco Score
Episode 211: Here’s How The War On Landlords Ends
Episode 210: Overcoming The Home Manufacturing Crisis
Episode 209: Quick Charm
Episode 208: The Perils – And Opportunities – Of Fixing Density
Episode 207: Surfside And The End Of Investing In Structures
Episode 206: Let Your Residents’ Voices Be Heard
Episode 205: We’re Microsoft In 1996
Episode 204: Speeding Up The Acquisition Process With A Bucket List
Episode 203: Mobile Home Parks And Lay's Potato Chips
Episode 202: The Great Race
Episode 201: Tough Love Revisited
Episode 200: Our 200th Episode Celebration Special
Episode 199: In Volume We Trust
Episode 198: What To Do With Last Minute Problems
Episode 197: The Limits of Creativity
Episode 196: Turning Dealers Into Lot-Filling Machines
Episode 195: When Filling Lots Is Not An Option
Episode 194: Mobile Homes On Residential Lots: The Myth Vs. The Reality
Episode 193: Speculation vs. Income Investment: A Primer
Episode 192: Before You Pull The Trigger On Closing
Episode 191: The Issues With Being One Platted Tract Of Land
Episode 190: Why Managers Fail And How Can You Minimize That
Episode 189: The Best Parts About The Mobile Home Park Owning Lifestyle
Episode 188: Mobile Home Manufacturing Has Nothing To Do With Mobile Home Parks
Episode 187: The “Moat” Keeps Getting Wider And Deeper
Episode 186: Why Solving Affordable Housing Is A Political Problem, Not A Structural One
Episode 185: Why Hot Mobile Home Park Markets May Appear Cold To Outsiders
Episode 184: Top Tips On Filling Lots
Episode 183: Observations On The Top And Bottom Ten States For Park Supply
Episode 182: Why The "Salescope" Report Is A Powerful Tool
Episode 181: Celebrating The Builders
Episode 180: It's All In The Jobs
Episode 179: Stanford University’s Megatrend List and the Impact on Mobile Home Parks
Episode 178: What If Johnny Appleseed Owned A Trailer Park?
Episode 177: Why Parks May Be The Most Valuable Land In Any City
Episode 176: The Simple Science Of Making Money
Episode 175: The Potential Impact Of What The Economists Are Saying
Episode 174: The Five Historical Eras Of Mobile Home Park Construction
Episode 173: What's Really Happening to Our Costumers?
Episode 172: Old Homes
Episode 171: Financial Options To Buy Homes To Fill Vacant Lots
Episode 170: Revisiting The Name Game
Episode 169: Direct Mail
Episode 168: Agency Debt
Episode 167: Unlocking Your Performance Potential
Episode 166: Geography Revisited
Episode 165: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire
Episode 164: Park Layouts And What They Mean
Episode 163: Megatrends Revisited
Episode 162: The “Detached Apartment” Model
Episode 161: “Skin In The Game”
Episode 160: Understanding The Game Plan For Cash-Out Refinancing
Episode 159: The Right And Wrong Way To Keep In Touch With Your Residents
Episode 158: All Mobile Homes Come With A Hitch
Episode 157: Before And After Closing
Episode 156: Old-Timer Wisdom
Episode 155: The Harsh Realities Of Supply And Demand
Episode 154: Speaking Softly But Carrying A Big Stick
Episode 153: Gambling With Big Chips
Episode 152: Are Mobile Home Parks Really A “Predatory” Business Model?
Episode 151: The Truth About Trailers And Trouble
Episode 150: Thoughts About Buying Small Parks
Episode 149: Who Was Swimming Naked And Why?
Episode 148: Back To The Future
Episode 147: Lessons Learned From North Lamar
Episode 146: The Top 7 Deal Killing Hurdles - Part 2
Episode 145: The Top 7 Deal Killing Hurdles - Part I
Episode 144: Important Quotes, Sayings, Stories And Jokes
Episode 143: Highlights From The New York Times Backstory
Episode 142: Critical And Trivial Dates In Mobile Home Park History
Episode 141: The A To Z Of Mobile Home Park Investing Terms
Episode 140: Where Have All The Mobile Home Dealers Gone?
Episode 139: Nimby Vs. Yimby = Gumby
Episode 138: Trailer Vs. Tech For Highest Yield
Episode 137: The 1 – 2 Punch of Park Performance
Episode 136: Why Our Residents Are Always Free To Leave (Even If The Media Can’t Stand It)
Episode 135: Opportunity Zone Trailer Park Concepts
Episode 134: The Park Owner’s Pledge (And What It Doesn’t Include)
Episode 133: 1955 Time Warp
Episode 132: Myth Buster’s: Trailer Park Edition
Episode 131: Letters From Our Residents And What They Mean
Episode 130: The Benefits Of Solitude
Episode 129: Kung Fu Lessons For Mobile Home Park Owners
Episode 128: Ford Vs. Ferrari Vs. Trailer Park
Episode 127: Mobile Home Park Owners Vs. Rodney Dangerfield
Episode 126: Beware The Silver Tsunami In Housing
Episode 125: A Trailer Park Spin On Old Sitcoms
Episode 124: New Year’s Predictions
Episode 123: Striking a Healthy Balance Between Resident and Owner Interests
Episode 122: America Is Getting a Reality Check on Bringing Old Cities Back To Life
Episode 121: Old Homes Never Die – Or Should They?
Episode 120: Is The Glass Half Full or Half Empty with 50% Occupancy?
Episode 119: What the Industry Has to be Thankful For
Episode 118: Throwing Down the Gauntlet on Affordable Housing
Episode 117: Creative Deal Making With Debt Construction
Episode 116: Analyzing the Range of Reactions I Get When I Say I Own Mobile Home Parks
Episode 115: The Quarter-Billion Dollar Park Era Is Here
Episode 114: The Associated Press Just Can’t Figure This Point Out
Episode 113: The Associated Press Is Waking Up To Reality
Episode 112: Interesting Properties
Episode 111: Interesting Characters
Episode 110: Five Great States To Buy A Mobile Home Park In And Why
Episode 109: Why Mom And Pop Owners Behave Like They Do
Episode 108: Why Residents Behave Like They Do
Episode 107: Why City Governments Behave Like They Do
Episode 106: Why Banks Behave Like They Do
Episode 105: Giving Park Residents A Political Voice
Episode 104: Green New Deal? Mobile Home Parks Have Been Green For Decades
Episode 103: Why Mobile Home Park Owners Are Better At Governing Than The Government Itself
Episode 102: Gearing Up For The Political Season
Episode 101: There’s Nothing “Greener” Than Mobile Home Parks
Episode 100: Our 100th Anniversary Special
Episode 99: Making Sense Of Interest Rates On Mobile Homes And Mobile Home Parks
Episode 98: What Would Joanna Gaines Say?
Episode 97: The Wide Range Of Customers In Mobile Home Parks
Episode 96: The Real Political Paths To Improving Affordable Housing In Mobile Home Parks
Episode 95: Residents Gaming The System And How To Protect Yourself
Episode 94: All About Determining Park Horsepower
Episode 93: Trailer Park Chic - The Latest Trends
Episode 92: Trailer Park Archaeology
Episode 91: Mobile Home Lessons Learned From Great History Books
Episode 90: Mobile Home Lessons Learned From Great Biographical Books
Episode 89: Mobile Home Lessons Learned From Great Military Books
Episode 88: Mobile Home Lessons Learned From Great Business Books
Episode 87: Industry Trivia From The 1970s To The Modern Era
Episode 86: Industry Trivia From The 1950s To 1960s
Episode 85: Interesting Industry Trivia From The 1920’s To 1940’s
Episode 84: Perfect Peace Of Mind
Episode 83: Perfect Customer Retention
Episode 82: Perfect Employee Productivity
Episode 81: Perfect Protection From Liability Risks
Episode 80: Perfect Adherence To Budget
Episode 79: Perfect Property Condition
Episode 78: Perfect Home Renovations
Episode 77: Perfect Occupancy
Episode 76: Perfect Collections
Episode 75: Dealing With Animals
Episode 74: Breaking The Mental Barriers About Managing Parks
Episode 73: Breaking Through Mental Barriers To Buying Parks
Episode 72: Breaking Through The Stigmas About Our Business Model
Episode 71: Breaking Through The Stereotypes About Our Customers
Episode 70: Market Fails
Episode 69: Financing Failures
Episode 68: Big Management Fails
Episode 67: Occupancy Fails
Episode 66: Lessons Learned From Failed Mobile Home Parks
Episode 65: The Dirty Job Of Cleaning Up After Disasters
Episode 64: Getting Dirty With City Government
Episode 63: The Dirty Job Of Managing Water And Sewer
Episode 62: The Dirty Job Of Park-Owned Homes
Episode 61: Dirty Jobs Episode Two: Rules Violations
Episode 60: Dirty Jobs Episode One: Collections
Episode 59: The Jekyll & Hyde Nature Of Economics In Deal Evaluation
Episode 58: The Jekyll & Hyde Personality of Utilities
Episode 57: Jekyll & Hyde – The Impact Of Slight Changes In Deal Variables
Episode 56: Mobile Home Park Noblesse Oblige
Episode 55: Putting An End To Waste
Episode 54: Resident Tough Love
Episode 53: The Power Of The Brain
Episode 52: Using Software To Better Manage Your Property
Episode 51: Virtual Assistants Can Yield A Real Benefit To Park Owners
Episode 50: Surveillance Tools
Episode 49: The Top Five Tools of Mobile Home Park Owners
Episode 48: The Easiest Turnaround Model Of All
Episode 47: Easy Turnarounds That Are Just Improperly Priced
Episode 46: Taking Control Of Water & Sewer Expense
Episode 45: More Easy Turnarounds
Episode 44: Easy Turnarounds
Episode 43: The Toughest Turnaround Of All
Episode 42: This Must Be A Hollywood Set
Episode 41: A Tough Turnaround With A Chase Scene
Episode 40: A Tough Turnaround In Oklahoma City
Episode 39: Tough Turnarounds
Episode 38: Tips On Creating Seller Notes
Episode 37: The Legal Side Of Park Ownership: Some Tips On Writing Contracts
Episode 36: All About Evictions
Episode 35: Did The Safe Act Make Mobile Home Park Residents Safer – Or Just Remove Their Options?
Episode 34: The Legal Side To Mobile Home Park Ownership
Episode 33: Regional Differences In Our Resident Base
Episode 32: Hopes And Dreams Of Our Residents
Episode 31: Residents’ Mobile Home Selection Criteria
Episode 30: How Residents Choose Which Park To Live In
Episode 29: Lessons Learned From Our Residents: Why They Live In Mobile Homes
Episode 28: Dealing With Raw Land That Often Comes With A Mobile Home Park Acquisition
Episode 27: Economic Opportunity With Clubhouses And Laundry Buildings
Episode 26: Operating Self-Storage And Commercial Buildings In Your Mobile Home Park
Episode 25: Apartments Inside Mobile Home Parks
Episode 24: Mom & Pop Houses Inside Mobile Home Parks
Episode 23: The Ultimate Program For Financing Mobile Homes
Episode 22: Insider Secrets To Selling Or Renting Mobile Homes
Episode 21: Insider Secrets To Renovating Mobile Homes
Episode 20: Insider Secrets To Buying Used Mobile Homes
Episode 19: Understanding The History Of Mobile Homes
Episode 18: Ugly Deals
Episode 17: Bad Deals
Episode 16: Good Deals
Episode 15: Tree Action Steps In Selling A Mobile Home Park
Episode 14: Three Action Steps To Correctly Operate Your Mobile Home Park
Episode 13: Three Action Steps To A Successful Park Turn-Around
Episode 12: Why Ben Franklin Was Right - Three Action Steps To Better Due Diligence
Episode 11: Three Action Steps To Better Negotiating Skills
Episode 10: Three Action Points On Finding A Mobile Home Park To Buy
Episode 9: The Current Mobile Home Park Investment Climate
Episode 8: Typical Mobile Home Park Economics
Episode 7: The Current State of the Product
Episode 6: The Government's Role in the Future of Mobile Home Parks
Episode 5: The Future Of Mobile Home Parks
Episode 4: Mobile Home Park Consolidation & It's Impact
Episode 3: The Mathematics Of Mobile Home Parks
Episode 2: The History Of Mobile Home Parks
Episode 1: Why Invest In Mobile Home Parks