Top 10 Dumb Mobile Home Park Management Ideas

1) Decide to save money by reusing old rickety wood steps without hand rails on all your show homes;

2) Sign an indemnification and defense agreement in favor of a home manufacturer for their product;

3) Overpromise on the characteristics of the home and tell the buyer that it will arrive in perfect condition and require no maintenance, and then ignore all customer service requests;

4) Never have transporters, installers, and other subcontractors sign written performance contracts in favor of you as the retailer;

5) Do Not verify that your sub-contractors are insured. Just take their word for it;

6) Have all your inventory on an unfenced, unlit lot, and not visible from the roadway;

7) Hire based on your "gut feeling," forgoing background checks and job suitability tests;

8) Close all your sales with sloppy and incomplete business forms;

9) Allow sales personnel to close sales without management in attendance; and

10) Never, ever, discuss professional driving standards with all employees who drive in the course of their employment and do not have them sign Mobile's Driver Safety Agreement.

Kurt D. Kelley, J.D.
President, Mobile Insurance

Kurt Kelley
Kurt is an insurance agent for MHP's!