Ask Me Anything - December 2021

There’s no class in high school or college about mobile home park investing – and HGTV has never had a program that showcases how to buy and operate a “trailer park”. You wont find any books on the subject at Barnes & Noble, nor will you ever be asked at a cocktail party “want to hear about my mobile home park?” So if you are thinking about mobile home park investing, you certainly must have a bunch of unanswered questions.

Well, this was an opportunity to ask as many questions as you liked. It was our “Ask Me Anything” event on mobile home parks from December 2021. There’s no question no basic and no topic taboo. Just continuous Q&A until all the questions are exhausted. Frank Rolfe was the host, and he is well qualified to answer your questions, being the individual the New York Times calls the “human encyclopedia of all things mobile home park”. With his partner Dave Reynolds, he owns over 100 linear miles of park roads and utility lines, connecting over 20,000 lots in 28 states, and representing around the 5th largest portfolio in the U.S. But it all started with just one property, so he has a range of knowledge that transcends only portfolio issues.