The 2014 Affordable Housing Summit

Five years ago we held our first Affordable Housing Summit, in Anaheim, California. While we loved the concept of having an annual meeting of the industry's leading experts to discuss the future of the industry, we hated losing two valuable work days to travel and sitting in a stuffy conference room!

So after brainstorming we decided to bring back this invaluable conference, minus the valueless travel time! This year we held a virtual conference for you to enjoy at your own speed, from the comfort of your own home and we recorded the whole thing, so people who could not attend can still listen to this awesome event!

January 28th has come and gone, but you still want to see what 2014 holds for the industry? No worries, you can purchase the recordings and listen to them all on your own time!

"The Year Ahead in Affordable Housing"

"Getting a Loan in 2014"

"Using Loopnet & MobileHomeParkStore Effectively"

"Breaking the Environmental Contamination Myths"

"Lowering Your Mobile Home Park Trash Bills in 2014"

"How to Maximize Your Park's Technology Advantage"

"How to Protect Your Assets in 2014"

"Filling Mobile Home Lots in 2014"

"Getting the Best from Your Managers in 2014"

"Conclusions on Affordable Housing in 2014"

So how much would you expect to pay for an all-day event like this?

How about $49.99 Provides you with access to all the recorded sessions above.

Plus! You will receive two bonus Sessions!

Bonus Session #1 - "How to Work with Brokers"

Bonus Session #2 - "Park Evaluation Tricks" With Dave Reynolds!

P.S. These will only be available for a limited time! Order now!

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