The 2016 Affordable Housing Summit Recordings

The 2016 Affordable Housing Summit featured 18 speakers discussing new trends for 2016 in the various sectors of the mobile home park industry. Predictions for 2016 regarding finding a park, evaluating a park, conducting diligence on a park, financing a park, the legal side of closings on a park, maximizing net income on a park, using modern technology for management, mastering water billing and selling for the highest price were all addressed at the Summit. Even one good idea would be worth ten to one hundred times the cost of the Summit ticket – and many people came away with dozens.

If you missed the live event, you can still get a copy of the recordings. It’s about 8 hours long and costs just $99. If you were to call and talk to these 18 folks directly, it would cost you $4,000+. If you want to start 2016 off on the right foot, then you definitely want to make the Summit a part of your intelligence gathering for the year, to help you make the right strategic decisions.

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Here is the list of recordings you will be able to view and download instantly.

Introduction: Frank Rolfe

Maximizing Park NOI: Dave Reynolds

Interview: Anthony DiMarco

Interview: Jonathon McClellan

Insurance Challenges: Kurt Kelley

Rehabbing 101: Randy Dailey

Working with a Broker: Joanne Stevens

Maximizing Appraisals: Erik Hanson

The Legal Side of Closings: David DiMarco

Industry Economics: Charles Becker of Duke University

New Park Marketing Techniques: David Graham

Taming Community Water: Brad Rymer

Technology Tools For Park Management: Brandon Reynolds

Industry Challenges: Tim Williams CEO of 21st Mortgage & Chairman of MHI

Filling Vacant Lots with New Homes: Clayton & 21st Mortgage

Environmental Issues: Mike Renz

Final Summary: Frank Rolfe

Order The 2016 Affordable Housing Summit Recordings