The Mobile Home Park MasterClass

September 28th & 29th, 2024

Unlock the Hidden Science in Mobile Home Parks: A Live, Immersive Event with Frank Rolfe

Imagine owning a solid, recession-resistant asset that consistently generates a healthy cash flow month after month. An investment that remains lucrative, even in a turbulent economy...

Welcome to Mobile Home Park Investing.

The problem? The path to profiting from Mobile Home Parks has always been shrouded in mystery as “trailer parks” remain a taboo subject that is rarely discussed. Until now.

Introducing a first-of-its-kind, unprecedented opportunity to delve into the secret world of Mobile Home Park Investing. You're invited to a unique, intimate event, nestled in the heart of the esteemed real estate entrepreneur's home, Frank Rolfe himself. This is a chance to not only learn from the best, but to literally walk in the shoes of one of the industry's luminaries.

Picture this: a National Landmark house, a select group of ambitious investors like yourself, an entire weekend committed to unraveling the mechanics of this under-the-radar real estate niche. The ability to learn the correct way to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, renegotiate, finance, turn-around an operate mobile home parks in one two-day immersion weekend.

Step Inside Frank Rolfe's Personal Sanctuary

Frank Rolfe's Personal Sanctuary

Imagine getting an insider's view of the mind, strategy, and wisdom that took Frank Rolfe from ground zero to owning over 250 mobile home parks across America. Over 2 intensive days, absorb the full A-Z of Mobile Home Park investing from the comfort of Frank's personal abode.

Here's what you're signing up for:

Day 1 (9 am to 9 pm): Dive deep into the world of mobile home park investing. Discuss deal sourcing, due diligence, financing, and park management. Feast on sumptuous catered meals, network with like-minded investors, and unearth the secrets of a burgeoning industry.

Day 2 (9 am to 7 pm): Cement your newfound knowledge. Work on practical case studies, negotiate mock deals, learn advanced strategies, and rub shoulders with some of the brightest minds in the field.

And the best part? Everything - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and refreshments - is taken care of. All you have to do is show up with a mind eager to learn.

How to find Mobile Home Parks to Buy

  • How Frank and Dave Find Parks to Buy
  • Actual Phone Call Scripts
  • Copies of Letters and Postcards
  • How to Stay on Brokers "Hotlist"
  • How to Get Referrals
  • How to Flip Deals or Get Paid Referrals on Deals

How to Buy and Sell Mobile Homes

  • Where to buy them from
  • How to repair them
  • How to tear them down
  • How to set them up
  • How to structure the sale
  • Actual Contracts and Forms

How to do Proper Due Diligence

  • Copy of our Due Diligence Manual
  • What issues can be Worked Through
  • Detailed look at every Infrastructure Problem
  • When to Renegotiate

How to Manage a Mobile Home Park

  • How to Find a Manager
  • How to Manage a Manager
  • How to motivate them and pay them
  • How to operate "Hands On"
  • How to operate from 2,000 miles away
  • Actual Contracts and Forms

Mobile Home Park Purchase Contracts

  • What you must have in Every Contract
  • How to protect your Earnest Money
  • Lease Options
  • Bank & Seller Financing
  • Assignability

Filling Vacant Lots

  • 15 Ways to Get a New Resident
  • The Best Places to Advertise
  • How to Motivate Dealers
  • How to work with Home Investors
  • How to Keep the Residents you have
  • Why you Won't Develop a New Park
  • Actual Contracts and Forms

Real Life Training

  • Touring Several Mobile Home Parks via video & photos
  • An assortment of handrawn sketches & schematics showing how parks operate
  • And how to avoid nearly every pitfall in the business
  • I am sure we are missing something... you will have to be there to see it.

Everything You Need to Know to Succeed!

  • How to Flip Parks to Build Cash
  • How to Create Steady Cash Flow in MHP's
  • All the Forms you Need
  • How to Run a Park from 1,000 Miles Away
  • Real Life Experience - Not a Best Guess
  • Ongoing Live Support Every Week
  • How to Find Deals and Negotiate Price and Terms
  • Access to Deals the Day the Event is Over

Why Mobile Home Park Investing?

In this rapidly shifting economy, traditional investing strategies can fall short. Stocks? Unpredictable. Mutual funds? Lackluster returns that don’t even match inflation. Residential real estate? Over-saturated. Mobile Home Parks? An asset class with great ROI and stability that few are tapping into... yet.

Frank Rolfe has cracked the code, and he's ready to pass on his wisdom to a handpicked group of ambitious investors. If you're serious about achieving financial freedom and ready to take your investing game to the next level, this is the event for you.

Don't Miss This Opportunity

This is not a conference. This is not a seminar. This is an exclusive, hands-on experience with one of America's most successful mobile home park investors. There's a limit to how many we can host at Frank's house - once the slots are filled, they're gone for good.

Register now for the mobile home park investing event of a lifetime, and step onto the path of financial freedom. Your future self will thank you.

This event will sell out. Don't be left wondering what you missed. Secure your place today and change the trajectory of your investment journey. You deserve it.

1 Ticket: $4999    2 Tickets: $7499