The February 2020 Mobile Home Park Investing Newsletter

Why Every Resident Should Have A Pathway To Ownership

There are two types of inhabitants of mobile homes: owners and renters. One has a capital investment in the home and the other does not. We feel strongly that every resident in the mobile home park should have the opportunity to be an owner if they so choose. Why is that?

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The Adventures Of Eddie And David

Eddie Biller and David Joreteg have purchased several communities since they attended our Mobile Home Park Investor’s Boot Camp a few years ago -- and they’re still buying more. We’re going to discuss how they got into the industry, how they found each of the parks they own, the basic economics behind these acquisitions, the turn-around plans, and their lessons learned. It’s going to be a huge amount of facts in a short period of time and will then be followed by bottomless Q&A until all questions are answered.

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