The January 2020 Mobile Home Park Investing Newsletter

Mobile Home Park Cable Bundling: A Primer

In the quest to create win/win opportunities with community residents, one that has become particularly appealing is called “cable bundling”. It allows you to offer the resident internet, telephone and cable TV inclusive in their monthly rent, at an incredibly low price. So what is “cable bundling” all about and how can it benefit your customers?

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An Interview With Mobile Home Park Owner, "Sean Of The Dead"

There’s only one Sean of the Dead – the guy that buys mobile home parks that are completely dead and brings them back to life. Unpaid property taxes, embezzling seller, massive vacancy, utility disasters – all no problem for Sean. His deals are legendary for low up-front investment and huge rates of return. We’ve been trying to get him on a Lecture Series event for years, and now we’ve finally succeeded.

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The Mobile Home Park Investing Filibuster

This event was the ultimate primer to mobile home park investing. We went over the complete basics of how investing in mobile home parks work, and then opened the phone lines up to questions. We covered everything from the industry’s unique history and attributes, to how the business model works, estimated levels of return, and a few case studies of deals we’ve done.

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