The March 2022 Mobile Home Park Investing Newsletter

Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 239 - Let's Go Woke For a Second

In our nation’s moment of pandering to the far left, perhaps it’s time to pay homage to the simple fact that mobile home parks can be just as woke as the next business – only it’s a fact and not just a PR posturing. As the only sustainable form of housing that’s green due to size and environmentally friendly since it creates no pollution, we could out-woke even the wokest business without breaking a sweat.

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 238 - Spring Clean-Up Events

The advent of Spring brings new challenges to park owners in the form of lawn maintenance, higher water bills, and annual pothole repair. But it also brings forth an opportunity to improve your sense of community, property appearance, and dedication to pride of ownership in the form one single event: the Spring Clean-Up. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to review what these events are, why they work so well, and how it’s time to put one in your schedule.

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Take Action to Help Stop Mobile Home Fires in Your Park

The Holiday season invariably includes mobile home fires. Not necessarily in your park. Maybe only once a decade, if ever. But there’s no question that fires occur in mobile home parks more frequently in winter than summer.

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 237 - The Return of The Gypsy Traveler and Rent Guarantee Scams

After over a decade-long absence, I am starting to see two of the greatest park buyer scams return to the marketplace: the “gypsy traveler” and the “rent guarantee”. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to expose how these two classic cons work and how you, as a buyers, can protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

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A Pessimist's Guide To Mobile Home Park Investing

Before you invest in anything, you need to carefully consider the good and bad aspects and see if it honestly meets your goals. That’s the purpose of this event titled “A Pessimist’s Guide to Mobile Home Park Investing”.

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 236 - Ability, Liability And Reliability

Choosing contractors for any task in your mobile home park requires a thorough comparison of certain traits that can typically lead to success or failure. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to break down the algorhythm between selecting the cheap contractor vs. the more expensive options and how to make smart decisions using these criteria.

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 235 - Lessons Learned From Covid

After nearly two years it would appear that the Covid crisis is officially over – at least in the minds of most people. Numbers are plummeting in both cases and political popularity. Businesses have abandoned mask mandates regardless of governmental directive and politicians are ending masking requirements before they have to go job hunting. It’s kind of like when the Berlin wall came down.

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