A Mobile Home Park Turnaround In Kansas - Before & After

Bringing old mobile home parks back to life is the basic business model in our industry. You take an asset that is a half-century old – often undermanaged – and restore it back to its former prominence, giving the residents back their pride of ownership and sense of community. The below video shows the real-life progression with a “before and after” synopsis, supported by visual evidence of that metamorphosis.

While the media loves to deride mobile home park owners and operators, the truth is that every mobile home park that is purchased from the old mom and pop owners becomes much nicer, cleaner and safer, and offers a much better value for the residents. There is more to living than just price point, and most Americans want to live in a place they can proudly call home and supported by professional management.

In these troubled times, mobile home parks are “the best thing going in affordable housing when the nation’s need for low-cost places to live has never been greater” (The New York Times 2014). Every property is the better for new ownership and attention, and every resident is fortunate to have their homes saved from the wrecking ball by brave owners who will risk their time and capital in the undertaking.

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