A Short Clip From Our “Virtual” Boot Camp

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we are continuing to teach investors the correct way to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, re-negotiate, finance, turn-around, and operate mobile home parks. And the way we’re accomplishing this is with our “Virtual” Mobile Home Park Investor’s Boot Camp on August 28th - 30th. This online Boot Camp is a great time you can learn everything about the mobile home park industry without having to travel any further than the distance to you laptop. And it will be recorded and only those in attendance will get those recordings, so you can watch them at your convenience whenever you want.

The only part of the event that is not filmed live (so that you can ask questions throughout the entire course) is our park tour on Saturday afternoon. We had to record this so that we could cut out the travel time between parks. We’re going to visit seven different properties and evaluate them based on the “I-D-E-A-L” method. Here’s a 2-minute clip from that walk-through.

If you would like to attend our “Virtual” Boot Camp, then there’s still time to register online.