A Tour of The GamaSonic GS-100 in 3 Minutes

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so we decided to shoot this short video to demonstrate the attributes of the GamaSonic GS-100 that make us repeat customers. The first part of the video is in the daytime, which shows how the GS-100 brings a little extra “class” to any mobile home park or other property. The second part of the video is shot at night to demonstrate the ambient light these fixtures provide as well as, again, the “upscale” feel they add to your mobile home park.

When you add in the fact that they don’t need thousands of dollars of a certified electrician’s time to install and wire, and the fact that they don’t cost you a penny to operate (being 100% solar powered) the GS-100 units are an easy choice. We have installed them in a large number of our mobile home communities including the one seen in the video!

To learn more, contact Matt Cohen at [email protected] or 727-688-5030!