Satish Shares His Thoughts After Attending Mobile Home Park Boot Camp

Satish recently attended our Mobile Home Park Investor’s Boot Camp, and was kind enough to share his thoughts on the class and the value of “fellowship” we instill in our students. To us, and those who attend, the Boot Camp never really ends and the amount of information and support is unparalleled.

If you ask most clients at the Mobile Home Park Investor’s Boot Camp how they heard of the event, it’s typically from someone they know who had attended. That’s because we deliver a real estate class that is unlike any other – it’s a real class. Most people have not seen this level of information since college or professional specialty education, as we have documented the complete science of identifying, evaluating, negotiating, performing due diligence, financing, turning-around and operating mobile home parks and deliver this data in a continual Q&A format. It’s 30 hours of fact-based information over a three-day immersion weekend, taught by the guy that the New York Times calls “the human encyclopedia of all things mobile home park”.

Our next Boot Camp is in a virtual format that you can access from the safety and convenience of your home or office. And you will receive recordings of the entire event so that you can refer back to any section that you wish going forward.