The Next Generation of Mobile Home Parks

The late Tony Hsieh (founder of Zappos and near-billionaire) had an affection for mobile home parks. One that was so strong he chose to leave his Las Vegas penthouse and become a resident of his trailer park creation called Airstream Village. Tony’s assistant gave us a tour of that property while he was still alive, and what was fascinating was how much effort Tony was putting into trying to perfect the “sense of community” and common areas. His vision was that he wanted all the residents to spend all their time together in a communal area and only go back to their trailers to sleep. The mobile home park was populated with a mixture of tiny homes and Airstreams and even included a communal pet llama.

Before Tony died, he had started a project to enhance the communal areas to an even higher level and purchased an abandoned motel across the street called Ferguson’s, in which he converted much of the motel buildings into additional community centers for the recreation of the residents (and even allow non-tenants to participate).

A representative from Ferguson’s just sent us this video to update us on their progress. It demonstrates the new types of park design and communal area enhancements that may be reflected and adopted into other mobile home parks. Much of what you see is not really that expensive to create and just requires a stylish vision and a willing customer base.

We hope you enjoy it!