Uses For Single-Family Houses In Mobile Home Parks

Many mobile home parks began as side hustles for landowners who built the park directly behind their houses so they could watch over it. Half a century later, these homes are still sitting in fairly prominent positions, but no modern owner wants to live in them. Instead, they have potential for several different uses. In this video, Frank Rolfe discusses the possible options for these old structures.

Uses For Single-Family Houses In Mobile Home Parks - Transcript

What happens to old mom and pop houses? Well often, post sale, they become the office. Here we've got a situation where the manager lives in the home and also manages out of the home. The door on the right with the awning is the office door, the other doors are into their personal dwelling. 

Office managers don't need that much space. These days, all you're going to have as the manager for mobile home park is maybe a table to fill out a contract or a lease. And otherwise just a space for those residents who don't want to pay online to drop off checks or money orders. 

It's also very important when you have your office in the house, that it be one of the most attractive things in the property which this in fact is. Because you want to set a good example all the other residents of how nicely you can live on this property. You want to set the standard, the bar, for all the others to try and attain. And this office does all of that. It provides not only a dwelling for the manager, it also provides an office, it also provides a visual amenity. 

So we love it when we convert these old mom and pop houses into office-residence combos. Now in some cases, you may not even need the office, if you're sold out and there's not much to do. You could even turn that structure into a community center. We have done that in some properties, as well.