Want To Raise Your Rent And Still Provide Great Value For Residents?

All mobile home park owners are striving to find new ways to improve the quality of life in their properties and, in return, feel warranted in raising lot rents to market levels. And one area in which many properties fail to meet their full potential is in ambient lighting – both for security and aesthetic reasons. High-quality security lights look good in both day and night and give a much-appreciated form of extra value to your residents. Here are what some residents are saying about Gama Sonic solar light fixtures in the video above.

At a time when adding amenities to any property are of the utmost importance, there are several reasons why Gama Sonic solar streetlights are a perfect choice:

  • Huge bang for the buck. They cost a fraction of the non-solar alternative, which requires substantial trenching and wiring (if a power source can even be found). You cannot even run the wires to a conventional streetlight for the cost of the solar version completely installed.
  • They are a multi-tasker. They not only look great, but offer safety and security to your residents, which they greatly appreciate. Most amenities only have one benefit, and often it comes with a price in the form of liability (like a playground).
  • Low maintenance. Gama Sonic solar streetlights require no upkeep. You don’t have to paint them, and you don’t have to turn them off or on. Everything is automatic and there is no maintenance.
  • No operating cost. Once you install the Gama Sonic light, you have no further operating expenses, unlike traditional streetlights that have a monthly electric bill.

We have been huge Gama Sonic fans since we first saw their products at the Las Vegas MHI Show about a decade ago. Since that time, we’ve bought a ton of their streetlights, and have them in most of our properties.

You should give them a call and learn more about this exciting way to increase the quality of life for your residents and the overall value of your property in their opinion. For more information contact Matt at 727-688-5030 or [email protected]