An Interview With Dave D., A Mobile Home Park Boot Camp Attendee

Hear the story of Dave D. from San Diego, who attended the Mobile Home Park Investor’s Boot Camp about two years ago, and shortly thereafter bought his first mobile home park in Indiana. The park is 54 lots with 52 occupied, and the lot rent is $280 per month. He bought the park for around $500,000 and it’s now worth around $1,050,000 at a 10% cap rate – only two years later. That’s a 20% cap rate on his initial investment in under two years. In addition, he’s only been there twice in two years, and manages the park on an average of an hour per day or less.

If this sounds better than the other things you are currently investing in, then consider attending The Mobile Home Park Investor’s Boot Camp. You’ll learn how to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, re-negotiate, finance, turn-around and operate mobile home parks – just like the one that Dave D. did in Indiana. The course is taught by Frank Rolfe who, with his partner Dave Reynolds, is one of the largest owners of mobile home parks in the U.S. To learn more Click Here or call (855) 879-2738.