An Interview With Greg & Kristin, Who Attended The Boot Camp

Greg and Kristin live in Charleston, South Carolina. They had normal day jobs. Greg worked in physics and Kristin has a degree in business administration. They wanted more out of their lives. So they went to Boot Camp and now own two mobile home parks. They bought one easy turn-around and one that might scare the average investor – and they bought that one out from under us! Hear how they did it and all their lessons learned on this call. Whether you’re looking at buying a park that is already perfect, or needing massive turn-around, there is great information on this recording.

If you want to learn skills to succeed with mobile home parks, attend our Mobile Home Park Investor's Boot Camp. You'll learn how to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, finance, turn-around and operate mobile home parks. The course is taught by Frank Rolfe who, with his partner Dave Reynolds, is one of the largest owners of mobile home parks in the U.S. To learn more Click Here or call (855) 879-2738.