Introduction To The Mobile Home Park Industry

Make sure to check out the 50 testimonials book from our residents. Here is a link to download it: 50 Thank You's. If you haven't already read the "Frank and Dave Story" book, which tells the story of there lives and predictions for the future of the mobile home park industry, grab a free copy from here: "The Frank & Dave Story".

If the industry sounds like something you would like to be in and want to learn more, check out The Mobile Home Park Investing Home Study Course. This course is a complete guide to the industry, it is free from upsell and acts like a text on mobile home parks. However, if you feel you would benefit from more live, in the field instruction, check out The Mobile Home Park Investor's Boot Camp, a 3 day immersion event. We spend 3 days discussing nothing but mobile home parks.

We hope the call was of great benefit to you and helped you to make a decision about the industry.