The August 2022 Mobile Home Park Investing Newsletter

The Impact of Noise and Odors on Mobile Home Park Success

In many parts of America, you’ll find mobile home parks located next to sewage treatment plants, cattle feed lots, airport runways and railroad yards. These can create massive noises and odors on a daily basis. So what is the impact of these on mobile home park success in both operations and valuation?

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 260 - Inexpensive Amenities That Residents Love

One of the best ways for any mobile home park owner to create a nicer community is the addition of amenities. These come in all price ranges, but there’s a surprisingly large number that are very inexpensive yet have huge bang for the buck. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to explore what these amenities are, what they cost, and why they are so effective.

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Is Even Vice Media Now Promoting Investing In Mobile Home Parks?

Vice Media recently released a video to its American audience, attempting to play on their woke sensibilities with the worn-out theme that mobile home parks are nothing more than rich landlords beating up on the poor. Instead, this misguided reporter and story probably built one of the best videos ever on the benefits of mobile home park investing. Here’s what the video basically tells the viewer.

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3,000 Miles & Counting with Patrick from Alaska

Patrick lives in Alaska yet owns and manages mobile home parks that are roughly 3,000 miles from his home. How is that possible?

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 259 - The Seller And Broker Lie Detector Test

A ‘lie detector” is a device that gives you insight into whether a statement is true or false. So in this week’s Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to analyze some of the most common things we get told by sellers and brokers to see if they are telling the truth or simply trying to spin fiction into their own selfish motives.

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What, Me Worry?

Sure, the U.S. is now officially in a recession. And this one will be more serious than the 2020 Covid dress rehearsal. But mobile home park owners are not worried about the decline of the economy. It’s the same phenomenon that “dollar stores” are currently experiencing: in times of financial decline, more customers look for less expensive options. That’s why dollar store sales are up over 70% while every other form of retail is in total decline. So why do mobile home parks do better when times are bad?

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Scholar Series: Innovation

Once upon a time, a mobile home dealer named Jim Clayton, frustrated by look-alike mobile homes, decided he could do better and opened a little factory to produce innovative mobile homes. Or tried to, before learning how difficult that task would prove to be. Clayton became very successful, but his homes look just like the competition. Innovation is hard.

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 258 - Don’t Get Too Creative

Creativity is defined as “the use of imagination or original ideas” – and that’s a great tool in forging some mobile home park deals. But there are limits on what you can do with creativity. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to review what you can and cannot fix with your inner Picasso, and some tips on staying out of trouble with your custom creation.

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To Fix or Not to Fix? That is the Question

Six years ago, the transmission went out in my aging GMC Yukon. It had about a billion miles on it and The Blue Book Value was around $2.75. It made no sense to fix it as it was not worth the cost. So I moved on and found another used GMC Yukon. After six hard years and multiple crossings of the continent, the head gasket blew on my second GMC Yukon.

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 257 - The Dangers of Indecisiveness

Life is all about making decisions. And if you can’t make good decisions quickly you’re going to miss out on a sea of opportunities as well as make those around you frustrated and lose confidence in your abilities. So how do you make fast and effective decisions? In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to review some methodologies to help you make good choices in a reasonable time frame.

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Is This Really Investing? Or Just A Scam?

Many Americans were surprised when it was announced that Mark Cuban’s crypto bet that he’d been hawking for months had collapsed. But the bigger question would tie to one of Mark Cuban’s recent quoteas to what makes an investment have inherent value:

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 256 - The Economic Evolution of Housing And Why It’s Ok

Housing is getting more expensive. The old saying “you’re either growing and changing or your dead” is true for places we live, as well. And that’s OK. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss how housing is changing, how it displaces customers, how mobile home parks are not immune to this metamorphosis, and why that’s just a natural part of life.

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