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Welcome to the Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast where you will learn how to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, finance, turn-around and operate mobile home parks! Your host is Frank Rolfe, the 5th largest mobile home park owner in the United State with his partner Dave Reynolds.

Quick Charm: Episode 209

When you buy a mobile home park, you are in a race against time to improve it’s appearance for a number of reasons. Higher existing customer retention, higher new resident attraction, better city government relationship and stronger banker satisfaction are all made possible through simple aesthetic improvements. So what are these key improvements that can be made rapidly? That’s the focus of this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast.

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The Perils – And Opportunities – Of Fixing Density: Episode 208

Mobile home parks are known for high density compared to single-family subdivisions (their closest cousin). While this is not a problem most of the time, you can reach a density that causes potential issues with the fire marshal as well as simply moving homes in and out. So what do you do to fix density that is too high in a property? In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to review this issue and offer some real-life fixes.

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Surfside And The End Of Investing In Structures: Episode 207

The Surfside condo tower collapse is more than just a tragic tale of the unthinkable occurring. It’s also a wake-up call that there is massive risk in owning large, aging man-made objects and now that this is on the radar, we will now begin a period of bureaucratic over-analysis, a fee-grab by opportunistic engineering and third-party report companies, a liability windfall for personal injury attorneys, the loss of insurance coverage, the collapse of mortgage availability, and the end of life for those sectors of real estate that didn’t see this coming.

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Let Your Residents’ Voices Be Heard: Episode 206

Mobile home park owners rely on happy residents to make their business work. However, sometimes the community manager can be a blockade to the owner’s knowledge of his customer’s satisfaction. Without providing a good value, no mobile home park can succeed, as it will be unable to obtain or retain residents. So how can you keep a constant tab on this feedback?

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We’re Microsoft In 1996: Episode 205

Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975, and went public in 1986, at a stock price around $1. By 1996, the stock had risen to around $4 per share – a 400% increase in only ten years. Many investors jumped at the chance to sell, thinking that Microsoft had reached its maximum value. Today, Microsoft stock trades at around $250 per share. In many ways, current mobile home park values are like Microsoft stock in 1996; only beginning their ultimate rise.

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Speeding Up The Acquisition Process With A Bucket List: Episode 204

Finding the right mobile home park requires sifting through a huge number of deals, and separating them into two buckets: 1) has the right raw material and 2) does not have the right raw material. But what does that raw material look like. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to review what makes a deal possible apart from a deal impossible.

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Mobile Home Parks And Lay's Potato Chips: Episode 203

Lay’s potato chips has long used the slogan “bet you can’t eat just one”. But is that also true for buying mobile home parks? In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss what happens after you buy that first property and bring it back to life.

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The Great Race: Episode 202

I am often asked what the “future” of the mobile home park industry is. And I think it’s most appropriately called “the Great Race”. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss what I mean by “the Great Race”, how to enter it, how it will end, and what you need to know about the contest. Since we all live under “time urgency” it’s only appropriate to have a talk about that ticking time clock in terms of the mobile home park sector.

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Tough Love Revisited: Episode 201

Webster’s defines “tough love” as an expression used when someone treats another person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the long run. Right now our nation has never been more off track and that’s filtering down to your residents. In this episode of the Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast, we’re going to talk about current trends in personal accountability, political missteps, and how to fight back against a rising tide of bad resident decisions on a number of fronts.

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Our 200th Episode Celebration Special: Episode 200

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over four years since we started the Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast. If you linked all those episodes end to end it would last almost 35 hours. So to celebrate our Bicentennial we’ve selected the five top most-viewed episodes and we’re going to discuss how those topics have changed over the course of these broadcasts.

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In Volume We Trust: Episode 199

Joe Girard was the highest-selling car salesman in U.S. history, personally selling over 1,400 cars in 1973 alone. He had a simple rule to hit those kind of numbers: focus on volume of leads. And smart mobile home park buyers and owners share this same sentiment. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss how Girard developed this attitude, and how we should all adopt it immediately to hit superior performance on buying parks and filling vacant lots.

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What To Do With Last Minute Problems: Episode 198

Nobody likes last-minute changes: particularly not mobile home park buyers. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast, we’re going to discuss how to work around sudden changes in deal terms that can happen during diligence, financing – or even closing. You have to be flexible in forging some deals, and this topic should be of interest to anyone who has faced making a sudden decision on a property.

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The Limits of Creativity: Episode 197

Painting and sculpting requires creative thinking. But it doesn’t make any money. Indeed, creative deal making has limitations. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to review what you can and can’t accomplish with creative thinking when it comes to successful deals.

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Turning Dealers Into Lot-Filling Machines: Episode 196

Mobile home retail dealers are typically all about selling new homes – mostly to people putting them out on their farm or ranch. But there’s another side to the retail story. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss strategies to have dealers bring in and sell homes inside your mobile home park.

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When Filling Lots Is Not An Option: Episode 195

There’s a huge demand for affordable housing in the U.S. and one of the best ways to drive a mobile home park’s net income and value is through filling vacant lots. However, not all parks are created equal in this regard. In this episode we review the factors that can make a mobile home park incapable of filling lots in the correct manner, and this may well lead you to pass on that deal.

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Mobile Homes On Residential Lots: The Myth Vs. The Reality: Episode 194

Just as cicadas come out of the earth around every five years, so does the concept that there is a solution to affordable housing in placing mobile homes on vacant single-family residential lots. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to expose why this has always been a doomed idea and the reasons that it keeps coming up in conversations on a cyclical basis.

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Speculation vs. Income Investment: A Primer: Episode 193

Mark Cuban recently said that “the intrinsic value of anything – Bitcoin, an ounce of gold, or a share of GameStop – is simply what people believe it is. Nothing else matters.” That has to be the worst investing theory of all time, and is the root of all speculative bubbles. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss the concept of actually “investing” as opposed to “speculating” and why mobile home parks are not rooted in the whim of the public but in cold, hard cash.

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Before You Pull The Trigger On Closing: Episode 192

The slang term for signing the documents and closing on a mobile home park is often called “pulling the trigger”. It’s a major commitment and one that can create angst with many buyers who are concerned if they are making the right decision. So what are the key factors that must be aligned to feel good about making this big step?

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The Issues With Being One Platted Tract Of Land: Episode 191

The definition of a mobile home park is “two or more mobile homes on one platted piece of property”. Of course, with just two people on one tract, that would not be too complicated, but the reality is typically 50 to 100 households or more, and that can create issues. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to review what the key problems can be and how to mitigate these issues.

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Why Managers Fail And How Can You Minimize That: Episode 190

Every mobile home park must have a manager, and not all of those work out. So what are the key reasons why mobile home park managers fail and what can be done to mitigate these issues? In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to review our lessons learned from hundreds of managers and how to improve your odds of success.

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The Best Parts About The Mobile Home Park Owning Lifestyle: Episode 189

If you talk to mobile home park owners about the best parts of property ownership, most will tell you that it gives them a very high-quality lifestyle. But what does that mean? In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to review the top benefits of owning mobile home parks from a quality of life perspective.

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Mobile Home Manufacturing Has Nothing To Do With Mobile Home Parks: Episode 188

January single-wide sales of new mobile homes are down 7.5% from last year – and park owners could care less. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to review why there is no correlation between mobile home manufacturing and mobile home park performance. While many Americans believe that mobile home retail is where the money is, that couldn’t be farther from the truth and the future of both segments could not be more divergent.

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The “Moat” Keeps Getting Wider And Deeper: Episode 187

Warren Buffett has long championed the concept that all great business models share one big attribute: a “moat”. This “moat” protects that business from competition and from other damaging risks to profitability. Mobile home parks have long held the position of having one of the largest “moats” in the United States, and it just keeps getting wider and deeper, to the chagrin of many who find it “unfair”.

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Why Solving Affordable Housing Is A Political Problem, Not A Structural One: Episode 186

America is in the grips of an affordable housing shortage so large it seems impossible. But the solution is not a structural one – that’s easy – but a political one that is insurmountable. In this episode of the Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to talk about why the government is unwilling to make the tough political choices that could solve affordable housing once and for all.

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Why Hot Mobile Home Park Markets May Appear Cold To Outsiders: Episode 185

We all know the media’s idea of what the “hot” markets are in America – but what about for mobile home park owners? Our list is very different and for good reasons. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast, we’re going to discuss the very real issue of what makes a market “hot” for mobile home parks as opposed to everything from travel to business start-ups.

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