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Welcome to the Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast where you will learn how to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, finance, turn-around and operate mobile home parks! Your host is Frank Rolfe, the 5th largest mobile home park owner in the United State with his partner Dave Reynolds.

Interesting Characters: Episode 111

8% of Americans live in mobile homes. That means there are about 24 million unique stories to hear. We only have a few minutes of time, so I’m going to tell you about a handful of the extremely interesting people I’ve met in mobile home parks we own. You’re about to see that there’s a whole lot more going on out there than the media wants you to believe concerning who really lives in “trailer parks”.

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Five Great States To Buy A Mobile Home Park In And Why: Episode 110

There are 50 states in the U.S. One has no mobile home parks (Hawaii) and the other 49 all have different traits – both positive and negative – regarding historic mobile home park performance and opportunity. In this edition of the Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast Series, we’re going to explore five of the top markets and what makes them stand out above the pack. Just as no two parks are the same, no two states are the same regarding making money with mobile home parks. Find out why.

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Why Mom And Pop Owners Behave Like They Do: Episode 109

Mom and pop owners share a set of behaviors that must be understood if you are going to successfully strike a deal with them. In this final segment in our four-part series on “Park Psychology” we’re going to look into what motivates mom and pop owners and how to appeal to their basic instinct to help both the new owner and residents alike and to proudly be the “Greatest Generation”.

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Why Residents Behave Like They Do: Episode 108

Mobile home park residents are great people, but they often have trouble adjusting to living within rules and regulations after often decades of loose management. In this third of our four-part series on “Park Psychology” we’re going to discuss the causes of some negative resident behaviors and how to correct these so that everyone in the community can live happily side-by-side and enjoy a high quality of life.

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Why City Governments Behave Like They Do: Episode 107

It is not uncommon for mobile home park owners to have to deal with harassment from city hall. But why does this happen and how can this behavior be corrected? In this second of a four-part series on “Park Psychology” we’re going to review the very predictable behavior patterns of city officials, the cause of this behavior, and how to get city hall to back off and be a partner and not an adversary.

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Why Banks Behave Like They Do: Episode 106

In this first of a four-part series on “Park Psychology” we’re going to discuss the reasons behind bank behaviors and how to get banks to do what you want. You’ll see that banks follow a very predictable pattern in approving loans and that you cannot fight these motives but need to embrace them to obtain the desired results.

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Giving Park Residents A Political Voice: Episode 105

Who listens to mobile home park residents? How can they have a political voice? In this final episode of our four-part series titled “Politically Correct Parks” we’re going to review how those 8% of Americans that live in mobile homes can have a political presence and what topics are important to them. You will find out how mobile home park owners share the serious responsibility of watching over our residents’ interests while few in government share that commitment.

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Green New Deal? Mobile Home Parks Have Been Green For Decades: Episode 104

There’s been tremendous discussion in the media of the “Green New Deal” – but is nobody aware that mobile home parks owners already perfected that model years ago? In this third installment of our four-part series titled “Politically Correct Parks”, we’re going to examine how mobile home parks fit into this entire “green” narrative. There is certainly no business model in America that is more successfully “green” and that offers a sustainable housing solution with a minimum usage of natural resources and a smaller carbon footprint.

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Why Mobile Home Park Owners Are Better At Governing Than The Government Itself: Episode 103

Perhaps our elected bureaucrats could learn a thing or two from mobile home park owners. We’ve been delivering on many promises on a consistent basis, while the government struggles to tread water. In this second of our four-part series titled “Politically Correct Parks” we’re going to discuss the many important programs that park owners initiate and maintain that provide important benefits to our residents.

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Gearing Up For The Political Season: Episode 102

Democratic debates and candidate grandstanding. A torrent of headlines on the 2020 election and primary predictions. It’s the advent of the political season in the U.S. – and that’s a big deal to any business as nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the political process. So where do mobile home parks fit into the national election and what is the impact of the proposed platforms? We’re starting off a four-part series titled “Politically Correct Parks” with an introduction as to where the mobile home park industry stands on a variety of political topics.

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There’s Nothing “Greener” Than Mobile Home Parks: Episode 101

While the nation debates the “Green New Deal” one housing option is already far ahead of the others when it comes to sustainability and low carbon footprint: the mobile home park. In this week’s Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast episode, we’re going to discuss the many ways that mobile home parks may just represent the best thing going in the U.S. on this front. Who would have thought that “trailer parks” would be on the cutting edge of modern political debate?

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Our 100th Anniversary Special: Episode 100

A 100th Anniversary is called a “centennial” – and that’s exactly what this episode represents. Starting on August 7th, 2017, the Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast series has delivered 100 straight weeks of everything you need to know about mobile home park investing. We’ve covered every topic from the history of the sector to predictions of the future – and everything in between. No topic has been taboo and we’ve continually offered straight facts with no sugar coating. Our mission is to erase the untruths and stereotypes about an industry that provides the only non-subsidized form of affordable housing in the U.S., while providing practical tips and explanations on how to correctly invest in this unique asset class. Thanks for listening in for the past 100 weeks and we look forward to talking with you further in the future.

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Making Sense Of Interest Rates On Mobile Homes And Mobile Home Parks: Episode 99

Webster’s Dictionary has two meanings for the word “interest” 1) the quality of exciting curiosity and 2) money paid regularly at a particular rate. In this week’s Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast series, we’re going to combine the two together and discuss the curious puzzle of making sense of interest rates. You’ll see that there is a methodology based on risk and reward, and that today’s interest rates regarding mobile home parks and homes are really fair in all regards. Do we have your “interest”?

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What Would Joanna Gaines Say?: Episode 98

We’ve all seen the show Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines take old worn-out houses and bring them back to life – often using the same repetitive design elements. How would they approach an old mobile home park’s renovations? In this episode of Mobile Home Park Master, we’re going to discuss the new and best approaches to bringing old mobile home parks back to life – inexpensive ways to freshen up 50 year-old properties and make them seem new again. Maybe one day HGTV will have a show on mobile home parks but – until then – this segment will provide some design insights.

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The Wide Range Of Customers In Mobile Home Parks: Episode 97

Do billionaires live in mobile home parks? Yes. And so do many other notable folks in the U.S. In this week’s Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast series, we’re going to review the many different types of customers that are served by this unique housing option. Are some of them household names? You better believe it. It turns out that “trailer parks” are not only about affordable housing – there are many different facets to this industry.

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The Real Political Paths To Improving Affordable Housing In Mobile Home Parks: Episode 96

If the desired effect is to keep mobile home park lot rents low and parks not re-developed into new uses, how can this be accomplished politically? By mandating rent control? By adding more bureaucratic hurdles? Or is there a new approach that might actually work? In this edition of the Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast series, we’re going to review what some political paths to progress might look like, and review those that have no positive impact whatsoever. If you are tired of hearing the “fake news” regarding affordable housing assistance by the government, then this will give you some fresh perspectives on what can and can’t be done to stem the national shortage of affordable housing as far as mobile home parks are concerned.

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Residents Gaming The System And How To Protect Yourself: Episode 95

By far the majority of mobile home park residents are wonderful people. But there are a few residents out there that have learned how to take advantage of the system and good-natured park owners. The good news is that there are ways to defend against those who attempt to push false narratives and unfairly manipulate the general community.

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All About Determining Park Horsepower: Episode 94

The average car in the U.S. has an engine with 120 horsepower. Yet there are engines out there with ten times that much power. Mobile home parks are no different, as they often have ten times more cash-flow ability than more conventional forms of real estate. How much horsepower does a mobile home park have and how can you gauge it? In this week’s Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast, we’re going to review where the horsepower in a mobile home park comes from, and how to calculate its maximum output using some key metrics.

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Trailer Park Chic - The Latest Trends: Episode 93

The mobile home park industry is constantly evolving and today’s park owner is more focused than ever before on building a sense of community and maximum resident satisfaction. So how do you do that? In this episode of Mobile Home Park Mastery we’re going to discuss the latest trends in mobile home parks and how they create the desired results in building superior resident happiness and value.

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Trailer Park Archaeology: Episode 92

The bulk of the 44,000 mobile home parks in the U.S. were built between the 1940s and 1970s. So how can you tell which decade your park is from? Why is that important? In this episode of the Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast series, we’re going to discuss the key features that separate parks from these eras and the impact on your investment, as well as what the clues are that allow you to make this determination.

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Mobile Home Lessons Learned From Great History Books: Episode 91

History is the “study of past events”. And when you connect the dots to the past you can see trends that influence the future. In this final installment in our four-part series titled “Literary Lessons Learned” we’re going to review some interesting parallels between the current economy in the U.S. and the past, and see what future trends can be predicted from past events. You’ve heard the old adage “history repeats itself” and that’s definitely true – the key is understanding what those cycles are and how to profit from them.

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Mobile Home Lessons Learned From Great Biographical Books: Episode 90

There’s no better strategy than to follow in the path forged by someone else who was successful. Biographies are books that are “an account of someone’s life” and a fascinating glimpse into the key drivers to how they accomplished what they did. In this third installment of our four-part series on “Literary Lessons Learned” we’re going to focus on learning concepts for success from the life story of several top American business people.

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Mobile Home Lessons Learned From Great Military Books: Episode 89

Patton, Montgomery, Eisenhower – some of the greatest strategists in world history have been military leaders. In this second installment of our four-part series on “Literary Lessons Learned” we’re going to discuss some of the great military theories and how they relate to mobile home park acquisitions and management. You’ll see that there is a huge overlap between armed conflict and business, and the theories that advance troops on the ground can also propel your mobile home park investments farther.

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Mobile Home Lessons Learned From Great Business Books: Episode 88

Books have been the foremost way of transmitting knowledge since the beginning of time. In this first installment in a four part series on “Literary Lessons Learned” we’re going to review some profound thoughts from great business books and how they relate to the purchase and management of mobile home parks. This podcast condenses down thousands of pages of books into some important points on success.

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Industry Trivia From The 1970s To The Modern Era: Episode 87

The 1970s brought us Van Halen and Smokey and the Bandit. But it also ushered in a new era in the mobile home industry. In this final segment of a three-part series on mobile home trivia, we’re going to look at how the industry changed dramatically in the 1970s and changed it’s focus to affordable housing and lower-priced production via HUD’s new involvement in the industry – all through some little-known trivia. This episode ties the two earlier ones together and brings you up to date on the history of the industry through some fun facts and figures.

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